Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I am on a mission. And I’m hoping you’ll help me!

Tom and I have been advocates for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness since the loss of our sons, Aiden (2004) and Jeremiah (2011). Recently, we learned about an incredible movie that was being made titled RETURN TO ZERO.  We were presented with the opportunity to be a part of the film and we immediately signed up!  We feel so passionately about the subject matter of the movie that we just knew we wanted to be a part of sharing its message and we want to try to help ensure that this movie makes it to local theaters! 

RETURN TO ZERO is about love, loss, heartache and happiness.  Specifically, RETURN TO ZERO is about the loss of a baby.  It is the first film ever created with stillbirth as its central theme. While the film is intended for all audiences, regardless of one’s life experience, RETURN TO ZERO fills a particular niche for a group of people that have gone unserved - those who have or know someone who has experienced the devastating loss of a child by stillbirth, miscarriage, or neonatal death.

The movie has an amazing cast (MINNIE DRIVER and PAUL ADELSTEIN - to name a couple) and I believe in my heart that they have created a beautiful and touching film that will change how people view pregnancy and infant loss and the effect it has on parents, relationships, families, and communities. RETURN TO ZERO plans to entertain and enlighten audiences with a story of the strength and resilience of the human spirit. It intends to break through the silence often associated with pregnancy and infant loss.

BUT there are two parts to making a successful film. First, the film has to be made. THEN - and this is the toughest part - you have to make sure that it gets into theaters and people see it.

That’s where I come in – and hopefully YOU too! 

I have signed up to be a LOCAL LEADER for the film and I am hoping to get 250 of my family and friends to sign up and pledge to see the film opening weekend (which has yet to be determined- hopefully late 2013 or early 2014). If we can prove to Hollywood and distributors that there is indeed an audience for RETURN TO ZERO, we will get it into theaters so that we can BREAK THE SILENCE and help RAISE AWARENESS and SUPPORT for families in need!

Tom and I also made a small financial pledge to help fund the production of the movie and in return for doing so, Aiden and Jeremiah’s names will be listed in the credits of the film.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we will be so proud when we see Aiden and Jeremiah’s names prominently displayed up on the big screen! How special will that be?!?!

So, how can you help? It’s simple!

Just sign up and pledge that you will go see the movie when it is released!

Break the Silence! Pledge to See RETURN TO ZERO in theaters! Sign up HERE!

It’ll take about 30 seconds.  List me as your LOCAL LEADER (Jolene Roth) and you’re done!  It’s as easy as that! The city with the highest number of pledges at the end of the pledge drive will not only receive a special screening of RETURN TO ZERO but writer/director SEAN HANISH & producer PAUL JACONI-BIERY will attend to host a Q&A afterward! So, if you are in the Twin Cities Metro area, please list Minneapolis as your city/region. Let's bring these guys to Minnesota!!  And even if you aren't sure that you'll actually see the film, I encourage you to still sign up and show your support.  In doing so, you'll help ensure that the movie makes it to the theaters! 

If you know others who would be interested in seeing this movie, feel free to share my blog entry and ask them to pledge to see the movie as well!!

Thank you for your help as we try to make sure that RETURN TO ZERO makes its way to theaters!! And thank you for helping us ensure that we get to see our boy’s names up on the big screen! We can do this together!

If you are interested, here's another link that you can check out to learn even more about this project and why it is so important. RETURN TO ZERO Kickstarter Project Thank you!!

"Go Jolene!!! This is a most important film that has the potential to really change how the community understands our losses. Plus it is a very entertaining drama. Having seen the rough cut 10 days ago in LA (I know, lucky me), I can only say words like: incredible, poignant, funny at times, hard at times, and so real that people will never look at us the same again. We must have this come to theaters. We have the power to make that happen. ONLY if our friends and family will get on board and fill out the simple pledge form.  No money, no signing over the car or house, nothing more than showing support by signing up and putting Jolene's name as the Local Leader.  Simple. Important. Life changing. Will you all join us???"                                                                                   ~Sherokee Isle, author


"Hi Jolene,Thank you very much for your support of the film! I just checked and am happy to confirm that your boys' names are included in the end credits of the film! Thanks again for becoming a Local Leader. So wonderful that you're working with Sherokee! I met her 2 weeks ago--she's an unbelievable light in this community.Gratefully,Sean." 

                                                          ~Sean Hanish, director/writer of RETURN TO ZERO

Don't forget to sign up! It only takes a few seconds!! Sign up NOW! RIGHT HERE!!



  1. Hi Jolene,

    It looks like the film achieved its kickstarter goal and more. Do you know when it will be coming out? Also, have you contacted the folks at They may be interested in it, and/or your writing about it...

  2. Hi Svea! If I remember correctly, I learned about the movie FROM :)

    From what I have heard, the plan is to premiere in early 2014 and have the theatrical release in the fall of 2014 coordinated with remembrance events in the fall of next year. I can't wait!